Sailing with 'Sophisticated Lady'

  Your Captain

   Who Is Rick?


The consummate captain who lives and breathes sailing...   Rick has devoted most of his adult life perfecting the skills necessary to be the ultimate sailor.  He is very much one of those people who believes that anyone can accomplish anything they put their mind to.




Combine that with an absolute love for sailing and being on the water, and you have the perfect blend of personality and skills to offer guests a fantastic shipboard experience.

Living aboard 'Sophisticated Lady' and embracing a life of sailing is fulfilment of his ultimate goal.  Let him share this passion with you and experience life on the water.  



Rick carries CYA certifications from Intermediate to Advanced, including Coastal Navigation, Advanced Piloting, Offshore Seamanship, CPR and 1st Aid Marine, and over 60,000 miles logged as Captain. He is also a certified open water scuba diver, so if you'd like to do some diving on your holiday, just let us know and we'll make all the arrangements to help you have a fantastic diving experience in some of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean!



Your Crew


Regina will be your hostess aboard 'Sophisticated Lady'.  She is from Switzerland and has been traveling the world for years after quitting her job as Investment advisor. She loves visiting and living in different countries to experience and learn about the cultures and their culinary styles...! She found her new home onboard "Sophisticated Lady" and "settled down" without having to give up the travelers lifestyle…How great is that!


Her deep desire to make everybody feel as comfortable as posible is a great asset onboard 'Sophisticated Lady' and she has the hospitality that makes you feel welcome in your home away from home!  She loves to pamper her guests with authentic dishes and is ready to show them the holiday of their lives onboard 'Sophisticated Lady'!!




Regina is a very friendly, energetic, outgoing and considerate individual who loves meeting new people... She holds a strong passion for life and the outdoors....and especially new adventures!





If you'd like to experience the tranquility and love of the islands, Regina is more than happy to show you some of her favorite pieces of paradise and accompany you in your adventure!  She finds peace and love in the fresh air and well, let's face it... who doesn't love those beautiful sunsets!





Regina & Rick will welcome you to the islands in true island style... you can expect great food... great tropical drinks... and great company!!  It is their only desire that you find your ultimate experience with them aboard 'Sophisticated Lady', and that it will be one that will last a lifetime!  Smile, relax and kick back with Regina & Rick on the holiday of your life


Lucky The Pirate Parrot!

A parrot on a boat?!?  Who would've thought!!   'Lucky', an African Grey Parrot, is the best shipboard companion you could imagine. Seen here, steering the ship, her abilities are quite versatile. At only 7 years old, her vocabulary is already about 200 words, and she loves to make people laugh. She even has manners... always says "yes please", and "excuuusse me" after burping (it's all that fantastic shipboard cooking). True to her pirate background, she may even tell you to "Walk the plank, you bum!!"   

The Crew of 'Sophisticated Lady' is ready to welcome you Aboard!!